Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Sweetest 5 Year Old in the WORLD!!

Day 12, Grace turned 5.  Such a special birthday, and Grace was so excited.  She had been asking me every morning, "Mom, am I five today?"...Well she came in this morning, and said "Mom, am I five today?" and I said "YES, Grace, today you are five!"  She peeked out in the kitchen and got so excited that there was "even more than there was yesterday".  Sue and the girls spent the night and had decorated birthday bags for her. 

Since we didn't have any 'Birthday Cake for Breakfast' this year, we opted for whipped cream topped french toast...with a candle...

She opened her presents and played with them...
She played on the slip and slide in the afternoon, and then we got ready for the REAL fun!
I don't have any pictures of the Build A Bear, it was a little crazy!  Jake has some, maybe I'll snag some later.  It was too cute though, Grace and Carson both picked cats, London picked Hello Kitty and Sweden picked a sweet brown bear with pink hearts on her ears.  They stuffed them, added the heart (with wishes), bathed them, dressed them, and named them.  Super cute!  London's name was Paris, Sweden's name was Peaches, Carson's name was Cat Sparrow (he dressed him as Jack Sparrow...clever!), and Grace's name was Kitty Kan.  LOVE! 

After Build A Bear, we had dinner at the Cheesecake Factory.  It was getting LATE, so we were all super tired, but HAD to have the Happy Birthday song with dessert.  How cute is that!?!

Grace is such a sweet girl!  She loves her brothers and is a wonderful example of how to treat others.  She is smart, silly, imaginative and a HUGE helper.  She loves to dance, she sings her sentences in the cutest voice, she is beautiful inside and out.  I love her with all my heart!!!

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