Thursday, May 14, 2009

Carson's "cry"

I have kind of a funny story about Carson and the amazing "tricks" that work (if even for a moment). Lately he has been getting upset over nothing and then says "I can't s-t-o-p
c-r-y-i-n-g" and that he "needs something to feel me better" candy, juice, water, food...anything really. Well, I'm pretty much sick of it by was cute at first, but enough already. So I tell him that nothing can make him stop crying except himself. A few weeks ago, Carson was throwing a fit (surprise, I know, anyway...) and would not stop crying. So I gasped with a surprised look on my face and took a peek inside his was his 'cry'! So I grabbed the 'cry' out of his ear, crumpled it up in my hands and asked him if he'd like to flush it down the toilet. Immediately the fit ended. "Oooh, yes, mom! Let's flush that 'cry' right down the toilet!"

That kid is so funny! As I type this, Jake is putting Carson to bed (I have a great husband, yes, but that's another story). I just heard Carson yell from his bed "Dad, Hurry up with that water!!"...I wonder if I can pull some manners out of his ears as well!!!