Saturday, July 28, 2012

6th and 7th Days of Summer

Our neighborhood decided to have a huge garage sale on the 7th.  Perfect time to clear out some junk in the basement and closets.  Our activity for Friday was to pick out toys to sell.  Carson liked the idea of getting money, but hated the idea of parting from ANY of his precious toys (which he NEVER plays with).  Whatever.  He gathered a few things, but kept resisting so I just dropped it.  We'll just 'take care of them' after school starts ;)

Saturday was the sale.  Jake made a bunch of silly signs to get attention (Justin Beiber was the biggest hit), and they totally worked!  We were soooo busy all morning.  A bunch of cheapies, but we sold a bunch of crap and felt like it was a success!  The kids made some cash selling Otter Pops for 25 cents...what a deal!

Not really a 'fun summer activity', but definately a traditional one, so I'm counting it  :)

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