Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Lisa and "What Chipped Tooth???"

Sunday was my sister in law, Lisa's birthday. I made her a cake for dessert on Sunday and just wanted to thank her for the fun, sanity and calmness she brings to my life. She never judges me when I think I need to call the doctor because my child is "sleeping too much" or "not sleeping enough" or "looks" sick. In fact, she encourages me to do so! :) Lisa is a great friend and I am so glad our husbands are twins.

We love you, Lisa!!

I was going to do a second post, but thought I'd just tack on to the first one. It's a bit of a story, and there is a lot involved, so pay attention...

Saturday morning, I got a phonecall from my sister, Suzanne. Weird, I thought, she NEVER calls so early...especially on a Saturday. She sent a text when I didn't answer. Kevin had a heart attack and they were at St Marks Hospital. I hurried out the door to be with her (thanks again to Jake for being more than understanding with the kids). It turns out he had a moderate attack and would be in the ICU for the night. I came home in the afternoon to change clothes and grab one of the kids (Carson) before I headded back out. Kevin's mother was at St Marks also. She had hip replacement surgery and was planning to go home Saturday morning, but extended her stay one more day. Enter Carson.... He was up later than usual and pumped full of sugar to keep him happy. For those that don't know, lately when Carson gets sleepy, he starts talking about "bonkin heads". Well, aparently he bonked poor Sasha a little too hard...

Jake freaked. He did not want Carson to have a silver cap like he had growing up.

So, a quick trip to the dentist and my brave, brave, brave little boy is as good as new...

PS, I didn't at all mean to skim over Kevin's heart attack. It was such an unexpected shock and I'm so glad he's going to be ok. He and Suzanne have done so much for me and my brothers and sisters. He is a great example to me and I don't know what we would do without him. Love you Kev!!!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Grace Helps with the Laundry

Frustrating little tyke! :) Someday we're going to miss this kinda stuff....

Love you Grace!


Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Christmas Fun

Where to begin...

White, White, White, White Christmas!!

Thank goodness Santa knew that a "Wall Gun" is a gun that you shoot at the WALL! Unfortunately, he didn't notice that the "bullets" the gun shoots are paint balls. The actual gun is called a SupaSplat and is for children 8 and older. It states to "wash with warm soapy water immediately" right on the box. I'm so glad he got it though...the smiles and hugs were well worth it (Carson hugged the gun...not me)! And now we have colorful "splats" all over the melted snow in the backyard!

We had such a fun Christmas! I remember thinking last year that NEXT year would be fun...and it sure was! Three is the magical age for us...Carson totally gets it! Grace was only slightly overwhelmed and loves all her new "friends". Her favorite is a Glow Worm...who knew??? She also loves her Curious George monkey...just like her mama! :)

Joseph and Mary (aka Carson & Abby) at the Annual Anderson Christmas Eve Party

Not a Wall Gun, but an appropriate "inside" shooter :)