Thursday, July 5, 2012

Overdoing it on the fourth?

The fourth day of summer was a freebie...the Fourth of July! We started out at the annual Anderson Family Water Party. This year, grandma rented a bounce house! She also had a slip n slide, wading pool, water balloons and, of course, a yummy breakfast of biscuits and gravy! The kids had a blast! I took Carter home for a nap before the evening festivities at the Overbys. Grandma Overby turned 80 this year and all she wanted was a big party. This is their first year in the new house and the first opportunity for a party in the yard. It was a perfect day and Sue did not disappoint. The pom poms hanging from the tree and the table centerpieces were perfect. The frozen lemonade was DELISH as was the food. Sue broke out some water guns to cool everyone off. When we came home, there was a sign coming in to our neighborhood that said ther would be fireworks at 9...perfect. Happy Independence Day!!!

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