Thursday, March 31, 2011

Its a BOY!!!

In case you don't already know....we are expecting our third, and final, baby in August. I've kept it off Facebook for now, it just feels too personal for me to jot down in a random status update. As of today, we can officially stop calling him an "it". He is officially a HE and Carson is quite pleased! I could have sworn he was a she...until a couple weeks ago and the heartburn set in :/ then I second guessed myself! Jake was right all along (as he has pointed out SEVERAL times today). Grace got to go with us to the ultrasound while Carson was in preschool. When we picked him up, she said "we get a baby brother" and Carson jumped for joy (literally).

Anyway, we are very happy and excited to welcome this little boy in to our family. Yay!!