Monday, July 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Gracie!! (yes, 2 posts in one day...)

Grace turned two how time has flown!! We went to Bear Lake on Thursday and Friday, so we were all pretty burned out to have a formal celebration, so we just quietly celebrated here together as a family.

I 'interviewed' Carson last year on his birthday and thought it was so fun that we might make it a tradition to remember the things the kids are in to that year. Grace is a little too young still (I think most of her answers would be "ya" or "ain-a git down" -I wanna get down), so I just wrote down some things on my own.

Gracie's "ies" translations:

Chickie nuggies = chicken nuggets
Scrambied eggies = scrambled eggs
Ah see duckies = I see ducks (or birds, or puppets, etc – most things are “duckies”)
Dee dee bugs = ladybugs
Bee-bee-bee = bumble bee
Buggies = bugs
Phuai wox = fireworks
Beebee ain-nain = baby einsteins
Bubbies = bubbles
Ain-a touchie – I wanna touch it

Grace loves to dance. The music comes on and her little knees start bouncing. She does a dance that looks like a Milli Vanilli dance of the 80’s and she has recently added a little twirl, which makes her laugh uncontrollably when she gets a little dizzy. Speaking of laughing, Grace “inward” laughs (think “nerdy” laugh without the snorts). She smiles often and loves to show her “pretty Gracie” (she kind of poses with a cheesy smile).

Grace can still be calmed in a heartbeat with the mere mention of “Baby Einsteins”. She runs to get her binki, blankie and georgie, pulls up a big pillow and stares at the tv. But you’d better hurry “Ein-nain, Ein-nain, Ain-a-Ein-nain” gets old fast (see interpretation above). :)

She can count to 14, she loves cottage cheese, she will NOT drink milk, she's obedient in time out and she's a great "cleaner-upper"!

I’m so glad to have such a sweet, easy-going daughter. She is so precious to me. These past two years have really flown by. I cherish every moment with my kids (yes, even when I’m frustrated up to my eyebrows) and am so blessed to have them.

New scrapbook pages

I made 3 new scrapbook pages this weekend. Jake took the sparkler picture of Carson on the 4th of July. It turned out really cool so it kind of inspired me to get in gear and get some pages done before these pictures are forgotten and burried under the thousands of new ones we take everyday!