Saturday, July 28, 2012

Days 9, 10 and 11

Day 9 - I don't know if I've mentioned it, but this year I got a great deal on the Pass of All Passes (thanks Lisa A)!  It gets us unlimited entrance to Seven Peaks, Trafalga and various sporting games. We have only used them to get into Seven Peaks and it has totally been worth it!  So Monday, we headed for the water park.  Abby, Brynn, Ivy, Lisa, Lisa's sister Amy and her kids were all there.  We had fun at the kiddie pool, wave pool, and a big wide slide. My kids were still a little iffy about the big slides, so we'll save that for another day (or not).  Carter has a very short window in the mornings, so we couldn't stay long.  But this is ok, because we can go back EVERY DAY (if we wanted to) :)

At noon, we headed to Aunt Sue's! London and Sweden were here visiting for the week, and this was our first chance to see them!  We visited for a while and then headed home for some much deserved REST!

Day 10 - I packed up the kids and headed downtown to meet Sue, London and Sweden at City Creek.  We had some lunch, the kids played in the play area (awesome, by the way), did a little shopping (J&M has awesome deals on kids clothes that are 'different' than Old Navy or Children's Place), played in the little fountains, and then headed home. 

Day 11 - We all packed in my car and headed up to the Alpine slide! I was a little nervous to send the kids up the ski lift, but Sue promised she wouldn't let them fall!! Carson rode all by himself! Grace rode with Sue. Sue told me she squealed the whole way down :) They both had a blast and want to do it again!! We stopped off for some treats at Rocky Mountain chocolates before we headed back down the mountain.

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