Thursday, December 22, 2011

Carter James Anderson

Yes, I know...I have dropped off the face of the blog. Oh well...time to pick back up and move forward.

First things first...Carter was born on Aug 31, 2011. He was 9 lbs 4 oz. I was induced on my due date, and it's a good thing...he was huge! I went in to be induced at 7am, got my room at 8, pitocin at 8:15, epidural at 9...7 pushes and he was here at 10:10am. Easy-peasy. He was (and still is) BEAUTIFUL! This picture was taken about 20 minutes after he was born.

Here are some things about his first 4 months with us...

-He doesn't cry for no reason. He's either hungry, tired, or needs to be changed.
-He's super slobbery. Sometimes I think he's a St Bernard disguised as a baby.
-He HATES a wet diaper. And he pees a LOT.
-He looks at Grace and Carson like they are super stars.
-Grandpa Anderson was the first to make him smile.
-He has dark hair.
-His eyes are still blue, but they are blue like Carson's were, not like Grace's. So I think they'll probably change.
-He LOVES the bath. He only cried during the first 3 or 4. Now he loves it!
-He hates Walmart. He has cried EVERY time I've taken him.
-He loves when Jake plays guitar. He studies Jake's hands and has been caught playing air guitar.
-He often sleeps with his eyes partially his dad.
-He is a snuggler...and he's warm and chubby

I could go on and on and on....I LOVE HIM! I cannot imagine our family without him. He was the 4th greatest decision of my life.