Sunday, December 21, 2008

Spy Rope Works and Wall Guns...

If anyone knows what a "Spy-Rope-Works" is and a "Wall Gun" PLEASE clue me in!! Carson has been talking about going to this Spy Rope Works place all day! "It has planes, and basketball, and wall guns...doesn't that sound FUN?" Then he continued to say that they have "movies, and TVs, and lights, and games..." Seriously, he won't shut up about it!! It's WAY past bedtime right now and he's in his room saying "Spy Rope Works, Spy Rope Works, Spy Rope Works..." and "if I go to sleep, we will go to Spy Rope Works tomorrow". I asked him if he played Spy Rope Works with his neighbor friends. To this he replied, "No, silly, it's all the way across town". Duh, I should have known! Then he came to get me because he needed me to drive to Spy Rope Works with him. His car was in his room ready to go. He had taken all of the toys from his closet and piled them on top of his bed-I mean, car. That stinker is so cute! It's finally quiet. Not bad, only 2 hours past his bedtime. ugh.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Cute, smart kids...

Pretty soon he'll be walking me through the features on my cell phone...

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Hanging it Up

Today I'm wrapping up my last week of school and I thought I'd take a break to write about it.

As I was working, I found myself contemplating what it might be like to have more free time at night and on weekends. I hope it won't be too intrusive for Carson, who has never known me to have much time for him. Not to mention Michelle, who now feels guilty when she's able to spend a night watching TV.

The thought made me really think about the fact that I'm not the only one in this family who's had so little free time. Michelle has put so much into supporting me with this. She must really love me.

She has never complained about it. Not one time.

I can't recall her ever being upset about events I couldn't attend, or all of the times I couldn't rescue her from a burnout. But when I'm stressed or complain about my life, she talks me through it.

I don't quite know how to thank you babe, other than to tell everyone what a good person you are.

I guess I owe you one, huh?

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Carson at the Office

Michelle and the kids came out to Frito Lay today to drop some things off and Carson really wanted to come into Dad's office. For some reason he didn't put his shoes on when he got ready and I told him that he couldn't come in. I told him that instead, I would come outside and bring him a snack. He didn't like the idea and when I came out with some doritos, he was ticked. He cried and said "I wanted cracker tracks" Eventually, I caved and carried him in.... and boy am I glad I did. He got so much work done for me that I didn't know what to do with myslef. :) What can I say, the kid loves the computer.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Halloween!

I love Halloween! For a long time it was my favorite holiday. Fall, in general, is my favorite time of year, but the candy, the throwing together a last minute costume, going to haunted houses and getting chased by chainsaw guy, the's just so much fun. Now that the kids are here it's a totally different experience! It's not so much the chainsaws and haunted houses that scare me, but the sudden onslaught of sweets that doesn't stop until January! First, I can't even control MYSELF when it comes to sugary snacks...but now I also have to listen to the "I wanna piece of candy"...and "I don't want grilled cheese, I just want some candy". Really, how can I say no when I feel the same way?! I remember when Devin and Cody used to "share" their Halloween candy (everything but the Reeces Peanutbutter Cups...those were for their mom). They'd offer one piece and I'd sneak two! What a terrible aunt! My poor kids are going to think they only got 3 pieces of candy for Halloween... Good luck to all of you during the upcoming festivities. Be strong and just say "NO" (or at least "maybe just one").

Saturday, October 11, 2008

My Favorite 3 Year Old

We celebrated Carson's third birthday tonight. I am totally bumbed because somehow ALL of the pictures we took were deleted. You've gotta love technology! Suzanne took this picture of the cake with her phone. I was so took forever! Carson had SO much fun...I couldn't get him to settle down afterwards!

Before the party, I asked Carson a few questions to help us remember what he was in to at this age. This is how it went:

Favorite TV Show: Spongebob
Favorite Movie: I don't know, just Spongebob
Favorite Candy: Dots
Favorite Color: Yellow and Green
Favorite Letter: U, S & T
Best Friends: Mom, Sawyer, Ethan & Ashley, Dad, Mom and Carson
Favorite Place to Go: I wanna go to Boondocks, Can I go to Boondocks...
Favorite Game: Starwars
Favorite Food: Mac & Cheese
Favorite Nut: Nutty
Favorite Drink: Juice, just juice, I wanna drink juice
Favorite Number: 9

He was pretty funny. I have no idea what Starwars game he was referring to, but when I asked him if he was sure he repeted "Starwars". He has become such a little boy! I love him and am so happy and honored to have him as my very own. Hugs and kisses, Carson!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Monday, October 6, 2008

Mr & Mrs Steve Lacey

Congratulations to the happy couple!! Steve and Amber were married on Saturday, October 4th. It was a gorgeous day, despite the rain the day before. They moved the ceremony inside since Amber's heels sunk in the wet grass! Not a HUGE surprise, but Carson got a little too nervous to go through with the ring delivery. He took 2 steps out and turned around to find safety. At least he tried and didn't make a scene or take away from the bride's entry (and he looked awful handsome in his tux).

The setting was beautiful, the bride was gorgeous, the groom made me tear up he was so handsome and happy, the toasts were PERFECT. Scott started out saying that "Steve and Amber are proof positive that you can get ANYTHING at Bel Aire" (the grocery store where they both worked)...very funny!

I didn't get nearly as many pictures as I had hoped, but I'll post what I have. Their photographers were awesome though. EVERY picture I was going to take, they already took! The girl was crazy about Grace :) I can't wait to see them!

Maddie and Sweden...almost twins!
Grace is almost as happy as Amber
Carson is almost as handsome as Steve
Carson took a little nap before the wedding (after about 2 seconds in the car!)
Grandma loves Sweden

Steve trying on his tux

This is the ONLY close up picture I got of Amber (boo). Her dress was beautiful and the cake...mmmmmm...the cake....

FIVE years in November...and still smiling (most of the time) ;)
We took one of the centerpieces out to Shawn's headstone. He was terribly missed that day. I kept remembering how grown up and handsome he looked on his wedding day and know that he would have loved Amber. She has been the silver lining on the dark cloud.

We love you Steve and Amber and wish you all the happiness in the world!!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Crazy Ducks!

So the "Feeding the Ducks" last Saturday must have made quite the impression on Carson. He asks to go EVERYDAY now! I told him I would take him to the park and then we would go up to the lake at Daybreak and try to find some ducks to feed IF he could help me get the toys put away, get dressed, etc. WOW...he threw the toys in the bucket so fast and ran to his room to find some clothes...I guess he was excited. So we drove up to the park at the corner and played for a while. I was secretly hoping he would forget about the ducks, but not a chance.

After the park we drove up to the lake and spotted some hungry looking ducks. The second we got out of the car the herd/gaggle/swarm of ducks came running toward us. I had barely gotten Grace in the stroller and the popcorn out of the car when they started barking at us! It was actually quite intimidating! Carson ran off to pick up rocks (because "ducks like rocks") and left Grace and I holding the bag of popcorn. I we tossed it out by the handful as Grace squealed with delight. She loves animals! When the last bit of popcorn was tossed, the ducks were still crazy excited. Grace had her hand stretched out trying to "pet" one and it nipped at her! So the fun was over, we grabbed Carson and ran to the car...ducks chasing and all.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Feeding The Ducks

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Carson and I had a fun morning together yesterday. We went to Murray Park to feed the ducks and then went to the Men's Warehouse with my dad to get fitted for tuxedos for Steve and Amber's wedding. Watch out...he's a heartbreaker!!! We had a great time. I love my little guy more than life itself!!!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Mother of the Year Award...AGAIN?

We have a vicious little cycle at our house. Grace takes a monster nap in the morning (like 2 hours long), so she's just waking up when I want to put Carson down. So after lunch I'll put him down, then Grace about a half hour later. Grace chatters away in her room while Carson's quiet, then as soon as she's quiet, he has to go potty or something...back and forth until about 3 when I give up. No one naps and we are all grouchy.

So today, I put them both down around 1. Grace wasn't tired, but I thought we'd try anyway. 10 minutes into my quiet time alone, Carson has to go potty. So I take him in the bathroom and then back to bed when his business is done. 5 minutes later, Grace is quiet. "Wow" I think, "that was easy". 5 minutes later, Carson has to go poop. GREAT! (We are still working on that one). So I take him in, he works it out, and we go to the kitchen for a smarshmallow for going poop in the toilet. Then it's back to bed...this naptime should go perfectly!! 10 minutes later "Mom, I have to pee." "Go to bed" I said...there is no way he has to pee again! "Can I go now?", "No", "How 'bout now?", "No, go to bed", "Now?", "Carson-GO TO BED" 5 minutes later he's crying because he peed his pants.

How bad do I feel? Not only did I force my newly potty trained son to pee his pants, but we also woke up Grace when we cleaned him up! Crappy naps today. Crappy feeling mom today. Maybe we'll all do better tomorrow! :)

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Family Retreat

I thought I would post some of the pictures I took from the trip to Heber with the Anderson Family. Beck, Matt, Brianna, Asia, Liz, Dave and Aubrie couldn't make it and they were very much missed! Here are some pics to make you feel as if you were there!

View from the back deckJames with the kids in the hot tub Grace and Grandpa enjoying the afternoon

Jake and Carson swatting flies

We had a wonderful time and Carson can't stop talking about the "Cabin". We can't wait to go next year!! Love to you all!!!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Tag...I'm It

Normally I really enjoy talking about myself. I don't do it on purpose, but when listening to a friend (or more likely, a sister) vent about a situation, I always seem to turn the subject to me. Yes, I know, an annoying habit, but one that is extremely hard to break!! Anyway, here is my opportunity...

3 Joys:

- Surprises - gifts, visitors, flowers...etc :)

- Fall - I love the smell, feel, look...everything but the inevitable coming of winter!

- Sweets - chocolate, candy...really anything with too much sugar and fat!

3 Fears:

- Spiders

- Bugs

- Moths

3 Surprising Facts:

- I enjoy making spreadsheets. Sometimes I do it just for fun.

- I played softball from 4th to 7th grade and really stunk at it! For some reason I kept playing. My friends were good so I guess I figured I was good too!! My last game EVER was an All Star team. When I got up to bat, I could hear the whole crowd go "uuuuuuhhhhhh". Three strikes, no's over...forever. I guess that's not really surprising, given my lack of coordination and physical exertion, but kind of funny (and sad).

- I can sell just about anything on KSL. I once sold a used dog run for almost twice what we paid two years prior. Not on purpose, but it just turned out that way. I have a used baby bathtub posted right now...we'll see how that plays out! :)

Well, that's it...thanks Lisa!

Sue...tag, you're it! (that means you actually have to update your blogspot!) :)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


A couple of weeks ago, our family met Liz, Dave and Aubrie at the Aquarium in Sandy. It was a lot of fun. Jake told Carson we were going to see jelly fish. Carson perked up and asked, "should we bring nets, Dad?" (thanks spongebob). We saw jelly fish, star fish, sharks, and stingrays. Grace liked it all, as long as she was at a safe distance. :) Carson got to drive a boat and stuck his hand in the water to touch a stingray. He went in a cave to see some fish and came out saying "Dad, that's Finding Nemo!". Grace did a lot of pointing (her newest trick).

A little tidbit we picked up from the trip:
An early pioneer, Jim Bridger, is thought to be the first white man to reach the Great Salt Lake. When he reached the water and tasted that it was salty, he thought he was in the arm of the ocean. If only it were....

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Ring Bearer Practice

Steve and Amber have graciously asked Carson to be the ring bearer in their wedding. He will be about 2 weeks shy of 3 years old. We have about 2 months before the wedding so we started practicing this morning. I assure you all...he will NOT have the Binky for the ceremony!!!!! Man I'm nervous! :)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Grace is one!!

Grace turned one on the 12th! I can't believe how fast the year has gone. We celebrated in the morning at the park. She tried to eat her cake by herself, but she couldn't stand the sticky on her hands!! She had so much fun that she couldn't stay awake for the 5 minute drive home!!! Oh my gosh, I LOVE HER!!! :)

Saturday, July 19, 2008

"Daddy's Going to Take Me Camping"

Last weekend I was reading Curious George Goes Camping to Carson and I told him that next weekend I would take him camping and start a fire. It kinda slipped out when I got caught up in the excitement of reading the story. He woke up the next day, walked out of his room and the first thing out of his mouth was "Mom, daddy's going to take me camping and roast shmarshmellows!" Needless to say I was committed at that point. I have to go to San Antonio next week and I was a little worried about taking on too much before the trip. So, we decided to spend the evening in the canyon and call it camping. It seemed like no big deal to jump in the car and roast a few hot dogs and shmarshmellows, but Shell and I were both wishing we had a few more hands. The kids had fun though. Carson got to throw rocks in the river. He says "they go ska-doosh like Kung Fu Panda." We started up a fire together, made messy s'mores and explored. Good times.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Elton John

Carson got these cheesy glasses from Artic Circle. He's right, he looks like Elton John!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Is it REALLY worth it???

Lisa, Abby, Brynn and the new minivan came to pick up Carson, Grace and I for a fun little outing downtown this morning. We have been talking about going to play in the water at the Gateway for a while and instead of prolonging it, we decided to just do it. We left our house around 9 and drove downtown. The van drives like a dream. It was hard to believe there were FOUR children in the back! Carson kept saying "This is going to be so much FUN!" over and over the whole way there!

We parked. First thing...Grace has a poopy diaper. OK, easy enough, she's changed. We walked outside to find that we were there before any stores were open. So we thought we'd make an even MORE fun adventure and ride Trax to the Church History Museum. After getting all 4 kids out of 2 double strollers, loading the strollers and the kids on the train, riding the train 2 blocks to Temple Square, unloading the strollers and the kids off the train and back in to the was time for a bathroom break! It was a gorgeous morning at Temple Square! Too bad Grace was upset. We could have walked around all morning looking at the beautiful flowers. Instead, I gave her a bottle and hoped she'd go to sleep. No luck. We walked across the street to the Museum. The kids LOVED it! Abby and Brynn dressed up like shepherds and Carson colored and played with a puzzle.

Back to Trax. This time we were a little more experienced and knew what to expect. Still, it's a little scary to have such little ones running around when your hands are full with the stroller! By now things were hopping at Gateway! Kids were EVERYWHERE! It took a while for the kids to get into it, but once they did it was GREAT.

When it was time to go home, Abby and Brynn quickly and quietly got back in their stroller. Grace played with an apple. Carson kicked, screamed, ran... A short time-out and we were back in business.

When we finally made it back to the car, Lisa and I wondered if it was worth it. We are now in to our second hour of naptime...yes, it was worth it!

Monday, June 30, 2008

Fun with cousins!!

My sister, Stephanie, and her 3 kids - Davis (12), Parker (10) and Maddie (6) - came to stay with us for almost two weeks. I feel like I hardley even saw Carson the entire time!! He and Grace had so much fun. They just left yesterday, so today seems extra quiet and uneventful...we're just trying to get back on some kind of schedule (preferably one that doesn't start at 8am and end at 11pm - with no nap in the middle!!)

Anyway, we enjoyed Abby and Aubrie in the middle of all the chaos as well. We love our cousins and wish they could all come play all the time!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Gracie's on the move!

Gracie FINALLY started crawling!! She made her first "real" attempt a couple of weeks ago and now she's cruising around like crazy! Her poor knees are really beat up and she has a bruise on her cheek from doing a face plant on the kitchen floor, but she is HAPPY. We put the gate up over the weekend. Carson hates it, but he'll learn to deal (hopefully).

Grace is also cutting FOUR teeth. Her top four front teeth all decided to come in at the same time. She's handling it fairly well, but we are really anxious to get our "easy going" baby girl back!
Carson has been really cute lately. His new thing is he wants to be "Best Friends Forever". When he gets in trouble he gets really pouty and says "But, I want to be best friends FOREVER, Mom!" Thanks Spongebob. :)

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Pictures with Grandpa

I forgot I was going to attach some pictures of Grandpa and Carson fixing a weed eater.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A little of this, a little of that...

We joined a new gym yesterday!! The daycare is awesome and both Carson and Grace do really well in there. This probably means no more tumbling class for Carson, which is actually ok since they don't really "teach" him anything anymore. He has pretty much perfected the somersault and the balance beam loses it's excitement after about 5 minutes. It was fun, but I think this new adventure will be great for all of us (at least for the summer!).

Our Memorial weekend was wonderful. It was the first "summer" holiday that Jake has spent guilt/worry free with his family. The job he has right now allows him to actually take days off in the summer (imagine that!). So we went to breakfast with Grandma and Grandpa A and Liz and Aubrey. Then we came home for naps (that didn't ever really happen) and then Grandpa came over to fix an outlet in the garage. It rained pretty hard off and on all day so we didn't barbecue or visit cemeteries like we had planned, but had a great day anyway.

Grace crawled this weekend! She's still pretty reluctant, but it's only a matter of time before she's all over the place and in to everything! I don't have a clip of it yet...I'll try again this afternoon. Every time she sees the camera she gets all cheesy and won't perform!

Friday, May 16, 2008

What a beautiful smile

Guess who had his first dentist appointment this Jake, Carson!!! Can I say how proud I am of him?!?! He sat still, opened wide, opened wider, let the hygienist clean his teeth, rinsed and spit...the whole works! Then he picked out a prize (which broke before we even got to the car). He has no cavities and "perfectly spaced little teeth".

We used Carson as the guinea pig to check out the new dentist, and now Jake and I have to go and be just as well behaved next week!! I hope we get a prize.
P.S...Gracie has a pretty great smile too!!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Cwoowewwa, Cwoowewwa, Deviwwwe

I just realized I could upload this video! We were all sitting on the bed one Saturday morning watching 101 Dalmations (AGAIN) and Carson burst out in song with Roger! It was so cute! We knew he had seen the movie at least 101 times, but who knew he could sing along?!?! Amazing!

Here we are...

Ok, so Beck and Matt have the cutest little blogspot, so we decided to join in the fun! We don't write nearly as eloquent as they do, but with the spellcheck available, I'm sure we can make for some nice, leisure reading.