Friday, August 22, 2008

Tag...I'm It

Normally I really enjoy talking about myself. I don't do it on purpose, but when listening to a friend (or more likely, a sister) vent about a situation, I always seem to turn the subject to me. Yes, I know, an annoying habit, but one that is extremely hard to break!! Anyway, here is my opportunity...

3 Joys:

- Surprises - gifts, visitors, flowers...etc :)

- Fall - I love the smell, feel, look...everything but the inevitable coming of winter!

- Sweets - chocolate, candy...really anything with too much sugar and fat!

3 Fears:

- Spiders

- Bugs

- Moths

3 Surprising Facts:

- I enjoy making spreadsheets. Sometimes I do it just for fun.

- I played softball from 4th to 7th grade and really stunk at it! For some reason I kept playing. My friends were good so I guess I figured I was good too!! My last game EVER was an All Star team. When I got up to bat, I could hear the whole crowd go "uuuuuuhhhhhh". Three strikes, no's over...forever. I guess that's not really surprising, given my lack of coordination and physical exertion, but kind of funny (and sad).

- I can sell just about anything on KSL. I once sold a used dog run for almost twice what we paid two years prior. Not on purpose, but it just turned out that way. I have a used baby bathtub posted right now...we'll see how that plays out! :)

Well, that's it...thanks Lisa!

Sue...tag, you're it! (that means you actually have to update your blogspot!) :)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


A couple of weeks ago, our family met Liz, Dave and Aubrie at the Aquarium in Sandy. It was a lot of fun. Jake told Carson we were going to see jelly fish. Carson perked up and asked, "should we bring nets, Dad?" (thanks spongebob). We saw jelly fish, star fish, sharks, and stingrays. Grace liked it all, as long as she was at a safe distance. :) Carson got to drive a boat and stuck his hand in the water to touch a stingray. He went in a cave to see some fish and came out saying "Dad, that's Finding Nemo!". Grace did a lot of pointing (her newest trick).

A little tidbit we picked up from the trip:
An early pioneer, Jim Bridger, is thought to be the first white man to reach the Great Salt Lake. When he reached the water and tasted that it was salty, he thought he was in the arm of the ocean. If only it were....