Monday, July 2, 2012

25 Days of Summer

Carson's last day of Kindergarten was last Thursday.  He and Grace start their new adventure at Welby Elementary on July 25th.  As I was thinking about this last night, it hit is July 1st.  That gives us 25 days of summer...just like at Christmas we have 25 days of Christmas!  I looked around for summer ideas and came across the cutest idea using tongue depressers, scrapbook paper and mod poge to make little sticks with activities on them (I would post a link, but I just spend 1 1/2 hours looking for the blog and gave up!!).  Knowing myself and my tendancy to over do and not follow through, I decided to forego the sticks and just tell the kids each day what our "25 Days of Summer" activity will be.

Since I thought of this at 11pm and I didn't have much time to plan...and it's Sunday, and we generally just go to church and relax on Sunday, our activity for the day was to meet Sweden, Lisa, London, Shawna, Samantha and Jordan, with Aunt Sue for breakfast.  They just happened to be passing through on their way to Colorado and wanted to meet for breakfast so it worked out perfect!

I realize I cheated a bit on this first day...I usually cheat at least a few times during the countdown, so I don't really care! :)

Tomorrow we'll be painting a flag on our driveway, which I'm actually pretty excited about.

Happy Summer!!!!!

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