Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Crazy Ducks!

So the "Feeding the Ducks" last Saturday must have made quite the impression on Carson. He asks to go EVERYDAY now! I told him I would take him to the park and then we would go up to the lake at Daybreak and try to find some ducks to feed IF he could help me get the toys put away, get dressed, etc. WOW...he threw the toys in the bucket so fast and ran to his room to find some clothes...I guess he was excited. So we drove up to the park at the corner and played for a while. I was secretly hoping he would forget about the ducks, but not a chance.

After the park we drove up to the lake and spotted some hungry looking ducks. The second we got out of the car the herd/gaggle/swarm of ducks came running toward us. I had barely gotten Grace in the stroller and the popcorn out of the car when they started barking at us! It was actually quite intimidating! Carson ran off to pick up rocks (because "ducks like rocks") and left Grace and I holding the bag of popcorn. I we tossed it out by the handful as Grace squealed with delight. She loves animals! When the last bit of popcorn was tossed, the ducks were still crazy excited. Grace had her hand stretched out trying to "pet" one and it nipped at her! So the fun was over, we grabbed Carson and ran to the car...ducks chasing and all.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Feeding The Ducks

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Carson and I had a fun morning together yesterday. We went to Murray Park to feed the ducks and then went to the Men's Warehouse with my dad to get fitted for tuxedos for Steve and Amber's wedding. Watch out...he's a heartbreaker!!! We had a great time. I love my little guy more than life itself!!!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Mother of the Year Award...AGAIN?

We have a vicious little cycle at our house. Grace takes a monster nap in the morning (like 2 hours long), so she's just waking up when I want to put Carson down. So after lunch I'll put him down, then Grace about a half hour later. Grace chatters away in her room while Carson's quiet, then as soon as she's quiet, he has to go potty or something...back and forth until about 3 when I give up. No one naps and we are all grouchy.

So today, I put them both down around 1. Grace wasn't tired, but I thought we'd try anyway. 10 minutes into my quiet time alone, Carson has to go potty. So I take him in the bathroom and then back to bed when his business is done. 5 minutes later, Grace is quiet. "Wow" I think, "that was easy". 5 minutes later, Carson has to go poop. GREAT! (We are still working on that one). So I take him in, he works it out, and we go to the kitchen for a smarshmallow for going poop in the toilet. Then it's back to bed...this naptime should go perfectly!! 10 minutes later "Mom, I have to pee." "Go to bed" I said...there is no way he has to pee again! "Can I go now?", "No", "How 'bout now?", "No, go to bed", "Now?", "Carson-GO TO BED" 5 minutes later he's crying because he peed his pants.

How bad do I feel? Not only did I force my newly potty trained son to pee his pants, but we also woke up Grace when we cleaned him up! Crappy naps today. Crappy feeling mom today. Maybe we'll all do better tomorrow! :)

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Family Retreat

I thought I would post some of the pictures I took from the trip to Heber with the Anderson Family. Beck, Matt, Brianna, Asia, Liz, Dave and Aubrie couldn't make it and they were very much missed! Here are some pics to make you feel as if you were there!

View from the back deckJames with the kids in the hot tub Grace and Grandpa enjoying the afternoon

Jake and Carson swatting flies

We had a wonderful time and Carson can't stop talking about the "Cabin". We can't wait to go next year!! Love to you all!!!