Friday, December 11, 2009

The dreadded mid-month slump...

Ok, so this past week has not been nearly as ambitious as the first! I'm just going to post right now so I can start over tomorrow!

Day 6 was Sunday - Movie, popcorn and eggnog. Sounds fun, right? Well, I was not prepared and did not buy any eggnog. So when I read the card, I just left that part out. Movie and popcorn sounded fun too. Well, I didn't get a movie on Saturday and was too lazy to even run to the Redbox. So....popcorn. Everybody likes popcorn, but we didn't take any pictures to post of us eating popcorn and watching TV.

Day 7...a bit better...the best of the week, I think. We went to look at the elves at Gardner Village. It snowed Sunday night and I really thought I'd back out, but when the kids were getting on my nerves at 9am, I knew we needed an activity...I am so glad we went through with it. We had so much fun! I'll post a scrapbook picture when it's done, but for now, here is one of the 3 of us...

Day 8 - Family Game Night
Jake bought a game that was going to be a Christmas present, but we decided they'll have enough gifts to open on Christmas that they could enjoy this one a bit early. It was a Very Hungry Caterpillar game based on the book. So Jake read the book first and then we played the game. It was really pretty cute and we all tied :)

Day 9 - Make a paper chain for the tree
I improvised a little. Instead of paper, we used pipe cleaners to make the circles. It was easier for the kids. They turned out pretty cute! The pictures are still on the camera though, so you'll just have to wait :)

Day 10 - Here is where we fizzled out....Toys for Tots
We haven't even been to the store yet. We just need to pick up a toy and drop it off at Frito Lay. Hopefully we can do it tomorrow....

Day 11 - Make Christmas cards for friends and family - we just plain skipped this one. There was just too much to do last week!

Day 12 - We didn't even pull the card off the ribbon. What a horrible, I didn't get on the computer AT ALL that day, so I did not feel obligated by Facebook friends!!

Day 13 - Ride Trax downtown
We did this one...and it was FUN! We went at night after dinner at Jake's parent's house. The kids thought it was too cool to go so fast on the train. I think next time we'll go earlier in the day. It was kind of hard to see anything out of the smudgy windows :)

Day 14 - Bake cookies with Cousins!
Rachel brought Sadie, Trystan, Aubrie and McKenna over to bake some sugar cookies. They had a ton of fun! This one we will definitely do again! - but next time, we'll be sure to take pictures.

Day 15 - Sledding and hot chocolate. It was kind of windy and the kids were grouchy, so we didn't do it. Jake took them to the dollar store to pick out fun stuff though...that could count!!

Day 16 - that is today. We have not picked off the card. I think we are supposed to bake more cookies...I think we'll exchange cards with another day!

Ok, I feel better. We have only skipped a couple. Not bad. I can, and will redeem myself.

Until next time....enjoy this Holiday season!!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

25 Days of Christmas 1-5

As I said in my last post, we started a new tradition this year. I made 25 little envelopes, each with a new activity for the day, and hung them on a ribbon to count down to Christmas. So far it has been a LOT of fun! Here are some pictures of this past week's activities:

Day 1 - make paper snowflakes

Day 2 - Festival of Trees

Day 3 - Paint everyone's toenails (we just painted the kids' toes. I was too pooped by the end of the day!)

Day 4 - Bake Cookies!
Chocolate Chip :)

Day 5 - Letters to Santa
Grace went to sleep for this one. Carson and I cut out pictures of toys that he wants and then we pasted them on a piece of paper. He dictated and I wrote "Dear Santa, Bring me a Nerf Blaster. I have been good to you Santa. I want a Nerf Blaster. Love, Carson"

Tonight is movie, popcorn and eggnog night!

December is looking to be a great month!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

THIS is the year I've been waiting for!!!

Carson GETS it! And since HE gets it, Grace gets it (or at least 'pretends' to get it and goes along with everything)! Carson has been talking nonstop about Santa and Christmas and presents and being good...I LOVE IT! This year we are doing an eventful advent calendar. I made 25 little envelopes that each have a different activity inside. It hangs from a ribbon and we will open one every morning. I saw this idea in a Parenting or Family Fun magazine (I can't remember) and have since seen several blogs with different variations. I'm excited, the kids are excited and there is no way we'll have a boring December!!

Enjoy the holiday season!!!