Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Gracie's on the move!

Gracie FINALLY started crawling!! She made her first "real" attempt a couple of weeks ago and now she's cruising around like crazy! Her poor knees are really beat up and she has a bruise on her cheek from doing a face plant on the kitchen floor, but she is HAPPY. We put the gate up over the weekend. Carson hates it, but he'll learn to deal (hopefully).

Grace is also cutting FOUR teeth. Her top four front teeth all decided to come in at the same time. She's handling it fairly well, but we are really anxious to get our "easy going" baby girl back!
Carson has been really cute lately. His new thing is he wants to be "Best Friends Forever". When he gets in trouble he gets really pouty and says "But, I want to be best friends FOREVER, Mom!" Thanks Spongebob. :)

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MattnBeck said...

how cute! So exciting to see her cute face. Hope the bruise recovers.