Friday, May 16, 2008

What a beautiful smile

Guess who had his first dentist appointment this Jake, Carson!!! Can I say how proud I am of him?!?! He sat still, opened wide, opened wider, let the hygienist clean his teeth, rinsed and spit...the whole works! Then he picked out a prize (which broke before we even got to the car). He has no cavities and "perfectly spaced little teeth".

We used Carson as the guinea pig to check out the new dentist, and now Jake and I have to go and be just as well behaved next week!! I hope we get a prize.
P.S...Gracie has a pretty great smile too!!


Sue said...

I am so proud of Carson! He looks so cute in the dentist's chair. You definately have to follow his example and I'm sure you'll get your prize too!

Sweet Pea and James said...

What a sweet boy! I can't wait to hear about the rest of your dental adventures. I wish I was as excited to go to the dentist as my kids are! (Though, it is more appealing now since I at least get to go by myself and read magazines beforehand!)

gammaeileen said...

It's all so cute! Did Jake, indeed, go to the dentist? Was he cavity-free as well? (ha ha)