Friday, August 22, 2008

Tag...I'm It

Normally I really enjoy talking about myself. I don't do it on purpose, but when listening to a friend (or more likely, a sister) vent about a situation, I always seem to turn the subject to me. Yes, I know, an annoying habit, but one that is extremely hard to break!! Anyway, here is my opportunity...

3 Joys:

- Surprises - gifts, visitors, flowers...etc :)

- Fall - I love the smell, feel, look...everything but the inevitable coming of winter!

- Sweets - chocolate, candy...really anything with too much sugar and fat!

3 Fears:

- Spiders

- Bugs

- Moths

3 Surprising Facts:

- I enjoy making spreadsheets. Sometimes I do it just for fun.

- I played softball from 4th to 7th grade and really stunk at it! For some reason I kept playing. My friends were good so I guess I figured I was good too!! My last game EVER was an All Star team. When I got up to bat, I could hear the whole crowd go "uuuuuuhhhhhh". Three strikes, no's over...forever. I guess that's not really surprising, given my lack of coordination and physical exertion, but kind of funny (and sad).

- I can sell just about anything on KSL. I once sold a used dog run for almost twice what we paid two years prior. Not on purpose, but it just turned out that way. I have a used baby bathtub posted right now...we'll see how that plays out! :)

Well, that's it...thanks Lisa!

Sue...tag, you're it! (that means you actually have to update your blogspot!) :)


nora.lakehurst said...

Hey I had that same one on my blog too. At first I was like "hey she came and looked at my blog" But it wasnt that. Oh well. But you gotta come look at it soon. I update once or twice a week.
This is karla southern BTW.

Anonymous said...

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