Saturday, December 6, 2008

Hanging it Up

Today I'm wrapping up my last week of school and I thought I'd take a break to write about it.

As I was working, I found myself contemplating what it might be like to have more free time at night and on weekends. I hope it won't be too intrusive for Carson, who has never known me to have much time for him. Not to mention Michelle, who now feels guilty when she's able to spend a night watching TV.

The thought made me really think about the fact that I'm not the only one in this family who's had so little free time. Michelle has put so much into supporting me with this. She must really love me.

She has never complained about it. Not one time.

I can't recall her ever being upset about events I couldn't attend, or all of the times I couldn't rescue her from a burnout. But when I'm stressed or complain about my life, she talks me through it.

I don't quite know how to thank you babe, other than to tell everyone what a good person you are.

I guess I owe you one, huh?


gammaeileen said...

Ohhhh. It's true! Michelle is a wonderful person. We are so glad to have her as part of our family. Congratulations, Jake. We'll have to all go out to dinner to celebrate! I am one pleased Mom!

Jake and Shell said...

What a nice husband I have (and great in-laws too)! The kids will be happy to have their dad back and grandma great will be glad to have you attend her parties! :)