Saturday, July 19, 2008

"Daddy's Going to Take Me Camping"

Last weekend I was reading Curious George Goes Camping to Carson and I told him that next weekend I would take him camping and start a fire. It kinda slipped out when I got caught up in the excitement of reading the story. He woke up the next day, walked out of his room and the first thing out of his mouth was "Mom, daddy's going to take me camping and roast shmarshmellows!" Needless to say I was committed at that point. I have to go to San Antonio next week and I was a little worried about taking on too much before the trip. So, we decided to spend the evening in the canyon and call it camping. It seemed like no big deal to jump in the car and roast a few hot dogs and shmarshmellows, but Shell and I were both wishing we had a few more hands. The kids had fun though. Carson got to throw rocks in the river. He says "they go ska-doosh like Kung Fu Panda." We started up a fire together, made messy s'mores and explored. Good times.


Sweet Pea and James said...
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Sweet Pea and James said...

Oops...Sorry, the deleted comment was mine. How did I do that?! (I guess my computer skills need some work!) Your "camping" looked like so much fun! I love camping without having to sleep in a tent. =)

Sue said...

Did you go up Big Cottonwood? Looks similar to the spot I went up to this past Wednesday with the YW. Pretty!!!