Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Is it REALLY worth it???

Lisa, Abby, Brynn and the new minivan came to pick up Carson, Grace and I for a fun little outing downtown this morning. We have been talking about going to play in the water at the Gateway for a while and instead of prolonging it, we decided to just do it. We left our house around 9 and drove downtown. The van drives like a dream. It was hard to believe there were FOUR children in the back! Carson kept saying "This is going to be so much FUN!" over and over the whole way there!

We parked. First thing...Grace has a poopy diaper. OK, easy enough, she's changed. We walked outside to find that we were there before any stores were open. So we thought we'd make an even MORE fun adventure and ride Trax to the Church History Museum. After getting all 4 kids out of 2 double strollers, loading the strollers and the kids on the train, riding the train 2 blocks to Temple Square, unloading the strollers and the kids off the train and back in to the was time for a bathroom break! It was a gorgeous morning at Temple Square! Too bad Grace was upset. We could have walked around all morning looking at the beautiful flowers. Instead, I gave her a bottle and hoped she'd go to sleep. No luck. We walked across the street to the Museum. The kids LOVED it! Abby and Brynn dressed up like shepherds and Carson colored and played with a puzzle.

Back to Trax. This time we were a little more experienced and knew what to expect. Still, it's a little scary to have such little ones running around when your hands are full with the stroller! By now things were hopping at Gateway! Kids were EVERYWHERE! It took a while for the kids to get into it, but once they did it was GREAT.

When it was time to go home, Abby and Brynn quickly and quietly got back in their stroller. Grace played with an apple. Carson kicked, screamed, ran... A short time-out and we were back in business.

When we finally made it back to the car, Lisa and I wondered if it was worth it. We are now in to our second hour of naptime...yes, it was worth it!

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Sweet Pea and James said...

Um, we napped (including myself) until 4! Totally worth it! =) I'm proud of us for making the efforts to do something different in far away Salt Lake. When's the next adventure? The van is gassed up and ready to go!