Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Too Early for SNOW!

Carson couldn't get in the snow fast enough! He got home from preschool and begged for me to take him outside. So, I put Grace down for a nap and dug out the hats, scarves and gloves. He got all bundled up and went out to the backyard. When he was done out back, we went out front (I kind of hid from the weather in the was so cold!). Luckily, our corner neighbors love the snow and invited Carson over to help build a snowman - I went back home and started on the hot chocolate! Surprisingly, he stayed out for an hour!

Today he decided to get himself all bundled up first thing in the morning. He put on his hat, jacket, scarf, gloves and my boots and said, "These boots are FANTASTIC, let's see what they can do!" and headed outside. He forgot one thing...he was wearing shorts. He quickly came back in and said, "Mom, I'm not done yet, but my knees are cold and these boots are a little big." So we put on some pants and his own boots and away he went again.

Grace could not care less about the snow...yet.

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