Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Carson!!!

So I no longer sound insane when I say I have two kids, ages 2 and 3. Ages 2 and 4 sounds much more manageable! When Carson woke up this morning I told him that today was his birthday. He got all wide eyed and smiles and said, "you mean TODAY, RIGHT NOW??" Then he kind of looked around the living room like "um, then where are my gifts?" I reassured him that he would have presents and cake, but reminded him that we wouldn't want to leave daddy out of the fun. He would need to first, go to preschool (where he would be leader and be in charge of treats), then come home and rest (please take a nap, please take a nap...), then T-Ball (again in charge of the treats), and THEN we'd come home for cake and fun. So all day he was like "Preschool, T-Ball, BIRTHDAY"...notice he left out the rest/nap.
I asked him what kind of cake or cupcakes he wanted. He said he wanted a mummy cake. Great...I was hoping to get off easy, but that's what I get for asking! So during his 'rest' (no, he did not take a nap) I made his cake. I told him that if he came out of his room, I'd have to stop making his cake. He stayed in his room for TWO HOURS! I guess he really wanted a mummy cake!

So the rest of the day was pretty uneventful. Spongebob, a couple of time outs, more Spongebob...we were just waiting for T-Ball time. The wind was whipping and I really thought his game would get cancelled, but no luck. When the game was over, he asked his coach "Is the game over?" Coach said "Yes", Carson jumps in the air "YES!!!" and ran to the car...I'm sure that made Coach feel pretty good!
Jake put Carson's brand new bike right in the middle of the kitchen so he could get a picture of his first reaction...Carson didn't even notice it! I had to actually say "Look behind you...no, turn around and LOOK BEHIND YOU" and pointed right at the bike. FINALLY!

Ethan, Ashley, Sawyer and Isabelle (and their parents) came over for dry cake and ice cream. They brought gifts as well...Trick Trax...our favorite! We played for a little while and now both little ones are fast asleep.
I did another little "About Carson" thing this morning, but funny...his answers were incredibly similar to last year's...Spongebob, juice...so I just have a few thoughts of my own...
Carson has been such a fun little blessing in our lives! He is so funny, spirited and smart. I love everything about him! He is finally starting to see how convenient having a built in playmate can be (Grace) and they actually play more often than fight :) He loves preschool, loves his friends, LOVES his dad, loves music and dancing, hates meat, but loves to eat 'healthy foods'. He tolerates TBall, but I think we'll find a more exciting sport next year. Four seems so old...he's not a baby anymore, but he's also not a teen, tween, or even schoolage kid yet! I love you, Carson! muah!


nora.lakehurst said...

That is so cute. Thanks for sharing that. What a cute and fun little mommy you are. :D

Sweet Pea and James said...

Happy, happy birthday (sorry, a bit late)! He looks so grown up on his bike. What a cutie!