Friday, November 23, 2012

Welcome Back Elfie!!

I had no idea the kids even noticed our family traditions before, so it was a pleasant surprise when Carson got excited Thanksgiving evening because "tomorrow we set up for CHRISTMAS!".  We are getting ready to replace our old, ratty carpet with hardwood floors (yay!!), so this year we set the Christmas tree up downstairs. I was a bit pooped out this morning so we ONLY got the tree set up, but I guess that is all our little elf scout, Elfie, needed in order to come back.  We were upstairs playing around when Grace needed to go downstairs to clean up.  She came back upstairs with a little concerned grin on her face.  "Mom, I can't believe it, but there is a present under the tree, I think."  

She and Carson went downstairs to get it.  Carson was so excited!  It was "either Lucky the Leprechaun - because he lives downstairs and sometimes plays tricks on the weekend...and it's Friday, or Elfie's back!"

They ripped open the package, reminding me not to touch him and to KEEP HIM AWAY FROM CARTER!  I promised I would do my best.  

Yes, it was Elfie.  We read his book and talked about where he hid last year (they have great memories!!).  Then, out of nowhere, Carson cleaned his room.  All the way clean, not just stashing stuff out of sight.  He got ready for bed, put on pajamas, cleaned the living room.  Grace followed his example.  It was fantastic!  I could tell by the gleam in Elfie's eyes...he was pleased!  Everyone is fast asleep now.  I went out to get some water and this is what I found....he's already returned from the North Pole.  And he's quite right....this IS going to be a great Christmas!!

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