Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A Bitter Sweet Reminder

A couple weeks ago, a kid from Carson's preschool class drowned in his bathtub. Six years old. Carson and Harry weren't exactly 'friends', as a matter of fact, there was a bit of conflict at the beginning of the preschool year. Carson felt that Harry was 'mean' to him. By the end of the year they got along fine and we ran into him on a few occasions outside of preschool. When I heard the news that it was Harry who drowned, my heart sank. It feels different when you knew the child and the mother.

I tell my kids "Don't grow up. I want you to stay little forever!" This is not a true statement. I love my kids at this age. I loved them last year, the years before that. But I really, really want to see who they grow up to be. I love spending my days with them and taking them to parks and playplaces and watching tv with them. I LOVE this age...but...I cannot imagine if this age is where my memories of them stopped. I want them to grow up. I want to help them in school and ground them for not coming home by curfew. I want to drop them off at the movies with friends and hear about their heartaches and celebrate their successes.

My heart hurts for Harry's mom and his friends. I am so grateful for my three beautiful children. I am blessed to be able to spend so much time with them. I love being a mom!!!