Monday, July 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Gracie!

Grace turned three on Monday. I cannot believe she is three years old! She is not a baby OR toddler...she is a preschooler!

Since Jake will be out of town this week, we celebrated her birthday all weekend. Saturday, we went to her friend, Lauryn Perkins (they were born on the same day) birthday party. I worried that there might be some drama since Grace knew it was HER birthday too...but, she handled it beautifully! She watched Lauryn open presents with an excited little smirk on her face...too cute!

Sunday we had her birthday party at Grandma and Grandpa Anderson's house. She wore her "#3" shirt and party hat that I made for her :) and she loved all the attention! Grace requested a pink cake. Nothing fancy, just pink. I had other plans, but decided to stick with her request and made a plain, pink cake (with strawberries in the middle).

Here is Grace's third year interview:

Favorite TV Show: Einsteins, Baby Einsteins
Favorite Movie:
Tinkerbell (we just rented it yesterday. Her actual favorite, the one she requests almost daily, is Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs)
Favorite Candy
: Pink
Favorite Color:
Favorite Letter:
B S (weird, but that’s what she said)
Best Friends:
Dad, Carson, Aunt Sue, Gracie (She probably just forgot to mention Mom)
Favorite Place to
Go: Jumpin Jacks…we should go to Jumpin Jacks (chanting over and over)

Favorite Game: Bad Guys
Favorite Food:
Chicken Nuggets
Favorite Drink:
Apple Juice
Favorite Number:
B (ok, we need to work on that)

Favorite Song: Stop This Train (John Mayer), Gary Go (not a song, but a group...funny how her favorites align with what Jake is currently listening to ;)

She loves to sing, tell knock knock jokes, tease her brother and chase him with her 'tickies' (her fingers walking like a spider). She gave her binky to the binky fairy, is fully potty trained and loves to play with her Littlest Pet Shops and "babies".

Like her brother, Grace loves to dance - we dance a lot in this house and the kids have the best moves! She also loves to play in the "cool" (pool). She asks to "go to a hotel to swim in the cool" on a regular basis. She loves Princess and the Frog, Team Umizumi, Dora and Little Einsteins. She can count to 10 in Spanish.

She loves to have her nails painted and when she gets her hair done, she asks if she "looks like a princess". To which the answer is ALWAYS "YES, Grace, you DO look like a beautiful princess".

She is my girl. I love her...


nora.lakehurst said...

She is getting so big. I cannot believe how big she is. SHe is darling too.

Shannon said...

Favorite letters are BS...bha ha ha! :)

Matt Bettilyon said...

love the favorite game! Nothing like playing bad guys!

Our girls had never heard of that game until they played boys.