Monday, July 26, 2010

Adventures in Sacrament Meeting

I'm the first to admit, Jake and I are far from perfect parents. We love our children, we play with our children, we teach our children. And I think we're doing a descent job, but are far from perfect.

Yesterday, we all went to church. I thought I should write down a few of the funny/cute things that happened during Sacrament Meeting:

- Just before they passed the sacrament, Carson whispers, "Is this snack time?" I tried to ignore and brush him off, but he kept saying it...louder and louder. I said, "No Carson, it's not snack time, it's a time to think about Jesus." That seemed to satisfy him and he kept quiet. Well, today, we were getting in the car to go to Sue's and Carson says, "Mom, why do we think about Jesus during snack time at church? At school, we just have snacks for fun" :)

- Also during the sacrament, Grace starts saying, "I'm poopin. I'm Poopin! Mom, I'm POOPIN!!!!!" So I took her out (screaming) to go potty.

- After the bread was passed, Carson said, "Mom, are they going to give us water now? Can I take two? I'm pretty thirsty."

- Jake's back started really hurting him and we had decided to go home. I told Carson that we were leaving and he started crying "But YOU said I was gonna get to go to a different class and we were going to stay this time!!!!!" we stayed.

Like I said, FAR from perfect.....but really, who isn't.....right?


Shannon said...

Oh man...your kids are too funny! I can't wait until next week when I get to go to snack time :)

nora.lakehurst said...

LOL your kids are so funny. Seriously so funny! LOL

Halls Family said...

I am totally laughing out loud right now! That is so hilarious. The sacrament will never be the same again. Hmmm, snack time. I'm glad Carson got you to stay, you'll have to remind him of that someday. You can be the one screaming and throwing a fit that YOU want to stay for the whole thing and he'll have to because you did it for him! :)